Sunday, March 11, 2012

What is an Illuninated Adventure??

Illuminated Answers
You've got questions - get illuminated answers!

This time of energy healing & mentoring is devoted entirely to YOU.

An Illuminated Adventure is a period of time during which you separate yourself from your normal surroundings & chores. You bunk at my place in Columbus, Ohio & have all meals prepared for you.
Two days packed full of Spirit led activities designed especially for you that will crystallize your life's calling / soul's purpose (business and / or personal) and direct you on the highest and best path. This is an intense mentoring experience for those who wish to "take the road less travelled".

You can get clarity. You can find out "who you are" again, find your life's purpose & what the next step on your path is. You are immersed in a time of healing & learning.
Illuminated Answers "WHEN"
Each private  session is crafted by Spirit and is an adventure specific to the traveler. Illuminated Adventures are booked entirely at your convenience – weekdays or week end.

MINI: Arrive Saturday morning (between 7-9 am); depart Sunday after breakfast (approx 24 hours)

MIDI: Arrive 8 pm Friday; depart after breakfast on Sunday (approx. 36 hours)

FULL: Arrive mid evening on Friday; depart late afternoon Sunday (approx. 46 hours)

Illuminated Answers "WHAT"
All meals, with overnighting in my spare bedroom

As much mentoring/healing as you want to cram into your time

In all packages, you will have your Aura / Chakra picture & report done, including intuitive and analytical explanations. You will receive a 20 page Word document (CD format) to take home with you which contains the aura and chakra analytical information.

From this point on your adventure is unique. Some of the possible activities are one-on-one mentoring, guidance on all energy healing modes, energy healing sessions (for you or to learn), attunements, Munay-Ki, reading, aura / chakra reports & training, and business planning.(*see for complete listing)

Illuminated Answers "Cost"
Package includes:
- Meals
- Transportation (if required) to / from airport
- Non-smoking environment
- Sasha, an empathic cat, does roam freely & may assist
$395 - Mini
$495 - Midi
$595 - Full
Additional information or to book, contact Connie

Illuminated Answers
You've got questions - get illuminated answers!

*Each private session is crafted by Spirit and is an adventure specific to the traveler
Your adventure includes, at Spirit's directive, any of the following possibilities:
- Serious one-on-one mentoring on what YOU need for you
- Multiple advanced intense energy healing sessions to get your aura in tip top shape; high perception viewing of your energy field
- Guidance on all the energy healing modes – how do they differ?
- Attunements & techniques for you or for your clients (to use or turn around & re-sell)
- CEUs for nurses / LMTs (3 or 8) depending on class chosen
- Past life regression and /or spirit releasement
- 9 rites of the Munay-Ki - given plus the ability to pass them on
- Instruction in pendulum, runes, chakras, auras
- Instruction in angels, guides and more
- Working with crystals and crystal healing – experience it and practice it
- Sound in healing – toning, singing bowls, tuning forks
- Totems & animal symbolism
- Readings – tarot, oracle & angel cards, runes, color, crystal, pendulum, or scrying; instructions on a Rapid Reading technique teaches you to read any cards confidently in under 10 minutes
- Messages from angels, guides, ancestors, universe just for you
- Aura photography with 20 page personalized report; learning to view the aura
- Astrology report (natal)
- Learning a meditation technique that works
- Business Planning - why traditional business plans don't work for holistic/metaphysical businesses
- Plus more as you require it
More information - Review on Reiki Awakening Academy Click Here
Pricing and ordering information: On Services page Click here

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