Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Classes with Connie - January 2012 - Jump Aboard!

Learning never got easier!
All classes are run in real time from my virtual studio &
recorded for you to view later.
Accessing the recording allows you to review a single point for clarification or view the entire class if life throws you a curve and you miss the live session.
 Learn from anywhere in the world.
-at home in your pjs or at Starbucks sipping an expresso
-after you register for a class you 'll be sent a link with instructions on how to use it to access your class

Whether you're an old hand at virtual learning or never tried it before, grab your computer & make 2012 the year of learning new things!

Choose from any of the following January classes - each one designed to assist you on your life's journey.

Sacred Geometry                               - link to follow
Using Sound in Healing                      click here - sound class   
Genetic Imprints                                 click here - imprints class
Weight Loss Via the Chakras            click here - wt loss class
Crash Course in Crystal Healing      click here - crystal class
It's in the Cards                                  click here - cards
You Are Energy                                  click here -energy class
Animal Signs & Totems                     click here - animal signs class
The Art of the Pendulum                   click here - pendulum class
9 Rites of the Munay-ki                      click here - munay-ki class

and always available as independent study.
CHIOS HEALING  click here 

No matter where you are, learn with us January 2012
Look forward to seeing you in class!
Connie Dohan 

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