Sunday, November 27, 2011

Increase your intuition - free daily exercise

Join me  for the next 2 weeks to learn more about how to access your intuition.
Each post will contain at least one exercise to get your psychic eye open & working at the level it working at  optimum levels.

Logic  is lodged in the  left brain & intuition is lodged in the  right brain.
Exercising the right brain will increase your intuition.
This is done by use of optical illusion.
Optical illusion confuses the left brain as it doesn't make sense.   The right brain is forced to kick in & interpret.
This beautiful piece (Kiss of the Sea by Campo) has 6 faces. Can you find them all?  (Hint - 2 in the clouds, 2 in the sea, 2 in the rock base).  How about the dove descending?   Anything else?

Or how about this door mat (Scott Kim)?
Can you see that it says  Go Away?  Turn it upside down, it reads Come In.
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This week:
Tuesday The Aura
Thursday Power Reiki 
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